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'Happy Birthday to me. 15. The end of the world!'

Noah is fifteen and lives with his dad. Just like any other teenager, he drags himself to school, visits his grandparents, and watches stupid videos on Facebook until crazy times in the morning, just to avoid revising.


But also like a lot of 15-year-olds, Noah finds life difficult. Very difficult. And he doesn’t know how to cope. This is a story about coping, about getting by and as Noah’s dad says, 'You’ve gotta laugh!', but what if it's not funny... How do you cope when you’re clearly not Alright?

'Alright?' was written in the summer of 2019, from personal experiences and those of others around us. It was intended to 'present the perspective of a very recognisable character.'  There is a little bit of everyone in this show, giving an honest and personal voice to the subject of mental health which is so often distorted and surrounded by fear and misunderstanding.  






Dad (Vocal)

Rosie (Vocal)

Lucy (Vocal)

Gran (Vocal)

Lighting Design


Social Media

Benjamin Hardy-Phillips

Patrick Withey

Joe Owen-Pinkney

Dillon Berry

Stephen Scammell

Gemma Reynolds

Georgie Rose

Sue Ross

William Holmes

Patrick Withey

Cordelia Tarbrooke

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