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It is easy to assume that after the 11th of November 1918, everyone left the battlefields and returned home to their daily lives. However, this was not the case. For many soldiers, four years of trauma and bloodshed meant that returning home did not end their suffering. Injured soldiers were stared at; some found it impossible to shake off the effects of a new style of warfare on their mental state and many sadly found this too much to bear. 'At The Going Down Of The Sun' focuses on a fictional family business in Somerset, as they live through the years during and after World War I. It focuses on developments in society, and the limits of understanding at that time, whilst reminding us to remember what happened a hundred years ago.

This thoughtful piece was created in partnership with Radstock Museum, and performed in their listed building for the 100 year anniversary of the Armistice, signifying the end of World War I. 


Writer and Director


Assistant Director

Lighting Designer

Sound Designer

Stage Manager

Sound Operator



George Rhodes

Sarah Rhodes

(Cpl) William “Billy” Rhodes

Jack Rhodes

Ruth Rhodes

Peter Rhodes

Hazel Rhodes

(CSM) Robert Stirling

(L/Cpl) Nicholas “Nicky” Lewis

Lieutenant Gordon Hughes MC

Sergeant Andrew Walsh

Corporal Arthur Slater

Lance Corporal Jack Rhodes DCM

Lance Corporal Charles Spencer

Private Peter Rhodes

Private Walter MacDonald

Private Ron Button

Patrick Withey with the cast

Joseph Owen-Pinkney

Scott Jerram

William Holmes

Joseph Owen-Pinkney

Dave Merritt

Cordelia Tarbrooke

Ellen Day

Patrick Withey

Geoff Hunt

Tracey Rupp-Rawlins

Steve Middle

Oliver Edwards

Conny Hunter

Oliver Lamb

Hannah Stamp

Edan Saunders

Fin Collinson

Ed Henderson 

Aaron Hooper

Will Wilshire

Oliver Edwards

Toby Mitchell/James Catley

Oliver Lamb

Fin Collinson

Edan Saunders

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