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"ambitious interactive performance... clever..." 

- The Scotsman


- The Outlier

"sophisticated, intelligent and executed with unimaginable precision" - Kate Cross

As the prevalence of Artificial Intelligence grows, the piece asks us to explore our morals when crucial questions about the consequences of the extreme use of AI technologies, particularly when human lives are at stake. Technology's relentless progress has transformed the face of battle, expanding beyond physical spaces. Audiences become immersed in the control room of the future, facing real-time decisions that hold life-or-death significance.


As the world's militaries increasingly rely on technology, the global tech giant Polemos is at the centre of this change in warfare. When a civil uprising gives rise to a rebel force, audiences will be drawn into a battle that puts civilians at the heart of military decision-making. The show challenges audiences to consider the ethical implications of these developments, as they grapple with the responsibility of taking lives or saving them, all from the safety of the control room.


Black Hound Productions returned to The Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2023 with our first-ever immersive piece. CTRL ROOM:_ was a specially created theatrical experience, in partnership with Army@theFringe, delving into the ever-changing landscape of modern warfare. A war game played out in real-time, as audience choices directly affected the story that others experienced, placing decision-making and morality at the heart of the experience. Over the month-long run, the piece saw audience members returning to witness both sides of the battle by playing along with the opposite team. This fresh and exciting presentation of made it a popular favourite with audiences, and Ctrl Room:_ was listed by No Proscenium as one of their ‘most immersive picks of the Fringe’. 



Marketing Manager

Stage Manager

Patrick Withey

Joseph Owen-Pinkney

Cordelia Tarbrooke

Lauren Stone Symes

Polemos Leader

Polemos Soldier

Militia Leader

Militia Soldier

Jacob Mellers

Emma Giles

Anna-Louise Fleet

Ollie J Edwards

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