'Rose', the first performance created by Black Hound Productions played to an intimate audience in the Sophie Cameron Theatre, Bath on November 26th 2016. Set during the Irish Easter Rising of 1916, 'Rose' focused on the lives of friends and families who found themselves caught up in political turmoil which soon turned to war. The most important messages of this show were not of a political nature, but of human nature; of trust, love, friendship and passion. All are themes that are consistent with the presence of human beings and are experienced across the generations. 'Rose' was an interesting look at the events of this time through the lens of a world a century later, a world where individual experience and authority continue to clash.


The show was the culmination of just 16 hours of rehearsal, the majority of these spent under streetlights in Victoria Park. 'Rose' was an experiment by a group of friends who wanted to make theatre, and it paid off. All those who watched the show were excited by the promise of this new company, and at that moment, Black Hound Productions was born.